Ashby Public School alumni Brandon Sethre is championing the cause of Ashby Legacy Fund (ALF) as he runs in the Extreme North Dakota Ultra Marathon. Living the mission of the Ashby Legacy Fund, Brandon, an extreme athlete, has two goals in completing this twelve hour race: to show kids that anything is possible if you give something 100% and to raise funds to support his hometown community through donations to ALF. Funds raised through his run will be used to support Ashby Legacy Fund’s scholarship program, community initiatives, and school-based programming.

Brandon is seeking pledges from the community for each mile he is able to complete during the run, which will occur October 28th. In just a few short days of launching his fundraiser, Brandon has raised hundreds of dollars in pledges for ALF.

A graduate of Ashby Public Schools and now a father of a current and a future APS student, Brandon was inspired to support Ashby Legacy Fund by his deep love and appreciation for Ashby and the opportunities and support it has provided him.

“ Ashby is a special place. It isn’t just a small town where you know everyone. It really is a close knit community that feels like an extended family. Ashby was a great place to grow up and that is a large reason why we decided to raise our family here. There is something unique about Ashby that really makes it stand out, yet it is hard to describe. Simply put, Ashby is home. People who grow up here may leave, and that’s okay, but somehow we all find our way back. Ashby becomes a part of you and you take it with you everywhere you go. Just like an arrow, you need to be pulled back, to be able to go forward. I am proud to be from Ashby and look forward to my family’s future here.”

The Ashby Legacy Fund is deeply grateful for Brandon’s support and for his role modeling of ALF’s goals of promoting the pursuit of ambitious aspirations and encouraging reinvestment in the long-term preservation and prosperity of the Ashby community.

“I hope that I am showing my girls that there isn’t anything they can’t do if they simply set their minds to it; work hard and show up; every day!”

Thank you Brandon, for showing us all that anything is possible and for using this opportunity to support our community. To make a donation to Brandon, donate at and mark in the comments that you are donating in support of Brandon’s run. Or you can pledge your donation for each mile Brandon completes by contacting Brandon or emailing [email protected].