Ashby Legacy Fund, a community-led foundation, invests in the preservation of Ashby as a special place to live for generations to come.

Established by current and former members of the Ashby community,  ALF focuses on three areas of impact:

  • Community Initiatives, investing in the progression and development of Ashby.
  • School Programming, partnering with teachers and the school community to provide funding for equipment, curriculum, and school programs.
  • Scholarship Program, providing a school-wide opportunity that reaches and impacts every Ashby student in grades 1-12.

Together, residents of Ashby and grateful alumni curate sustainable initiatives within these three focus areas that promote and spotlight the unlimited potential and impact of the community’s youth, families, and businesses.


Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program of Ashby Legacy Fund encourages future generations to pursue and achieve a post-secondary education that enables them to realize their unlimited potential and impact within the Ashby community and beyond. All students that graduate from Ashby Public School having completed at least one-year in the school will be eligible to apply for their potential scholarship balance to be used to pay for their post-secondary education.

Adopt-a Highway
Central Lakes Trail Improvement Project

The ALF Community Team (at the time known as the Ashby Community Club) installed the Bike Tune Up Station at the Central Lakes Trail head in Ashby in 2018 and made improvements to the parking area at the Trail Shelter in 2019. The ALF Community Team continues to support the Central Lakes Trail and its vital role in our community by furnishing the portable toilet facilities throughout the summer months.


Tornado Relief Fundraiser

As unpredictable as things like tornados may be, the area can find solace in that the Ashby Legacy Fund has been preparing for the unexpected and is always ready to help when in need. In the two weeks following the storm, the Ashby Legacy Fund leveraged its extensive network to raise $72,000 for nine families that were deeply impacted, with one gracious alumnus matching the first $20,000 raised. Over 100 people in the community also donated their time to help with the cleanup efforts.