Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program

All students that graduate from Ashby Public School, having completed at least one-year in the school, will be eligible to apply for their potential scholarship balance to be used to pay for their post-secondary education.


Beginning in the first grade, as students progress through Ashby Public School they will accumulate a scholarship balance. It is our hope (dependent on actual fundraising efforts) that each student’s potential scholarship will increase by $100 in first grade, $200 in second grade, and so on until it increases by $1,200 their senior year. The goal, for example, for a student starting in first grade in 2018 would be to have a scholarship balance of $6,000 to $10,000 by the time they graduate from Ashby High School.  Following their first semester of post-secondary education, Ashby alumni who meet eligibility criteria will be able to apply for funds to pay for related educational expenses up to the amount they have accumulated over their tenure at Ashby Public School.

In addition to financial support for post-secondary education, ALF will promote positive messaging for students and their families about the possibilities of post-secondary education. By promoting post-secondary educational attainment among the Ashby student community and modeling the value and influence of giving back, ALF will further develop future generations of alumnus committed to supporting a thriving Ashby community.


The Scholarship Program is designed to motivate students from an early age to aspire for bold futures and is intended to be available to all eligible students that graduate from Ashby Public Schools. To encourage students’ achievement, basic expectations have been established that students must meet in order to be eligible to receive a scholarship:

  • Students must graduate from Ashby Public Schools having completed at least one full year in the District
  • Students must complete their first semester of post-secondary education at a 4-year university or 2-4 year college, or accredited vocational program. Students engaged in less traditional post-secondary education may apply for special consideration, with eligibility determined by a committee of the Advisory Board

More information on specific requirements and procedures of Ashby Legacy Fund are distributed to students annually.

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