Memorable moments, big and small.


Ashby has always been a place where little moments can turn into big memories, and ALF is dedicated to preserving that legacy—every day of the year.

With an event calendar full of old favorites and new traditions, we’re dedicated to ensuring that Ashby remains a city where you can find small-town magic in places you least expect it.

Fall Fundraiser

Held annually on the first Saturday in October, our Fall Fundraiser is the can’t-miss event of the season.

Ashby Roots

Open to girls Grade 1 and above, Ashby Roots is an exciting time of crafting, writing and more to build confidence in the next generation.


A Halloween tradition unlike any other! Put the car in park and kick the fun into high gear with this family-friendly spin on trick-or-treating.

Santa Day

Saint Nick never forgets Ashby! Our town’s annual Santa Day is always a cherished tradition for local children and parents alike.

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