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Erin Peterson

Board Member

Erin Peterson attended Ashby Public School from kindergarten through graduation as a member of Class of 2000. After high school, she completed her undergraduate degrees at the University of Minnesota, Duluth in 2004 before attending medial school at the University of Minnesota in Duluth and Minneapolis and receiving her MD in 2009. Throughout her years of training, she kept her goal of returning to Ashby to serve her community as a primary care physician in sight, and after completing her residency in Internal Medicine at Abbott Northwestern in 2012, she moved back to Ashby with her husband to start her practice at Lake Region Healthcare. She is an active member of the Ashby community, serving for several years as the president of the Ashby Community Club (which is now known as the ALF Community Advisory Team) and as the director of the annual Appreciation Days 5K Run. She and her husband, Justin Eberhardt, enjoy traveling, camping, skiing, and hiking with their young son, Aiden.